Welcome to change.

Everything is in motion: markets, brands and customers. Have the courage to adapt! Take the chance. In our impulse presentations, we provide exciting insights and thoughts on the following topics:

Clear to turn about

  • Everyone on board?

  • Who am I? Company DNA, the feature of my company
  • Courage to differentiate
  • Corporate objectives: To create clarity and to interpret correctly
  • Employees: Involve instead of inform
  • Learning culture instead of fault culture
  • Brand ambassadors: inspire inside, convince outside
  • • Silo mentality is a thing of the past
  • Brand is gut and not head 

  • More opportunities than risks: Digital transformation


Live communication

  • Live communication and digital dialog
  • Success is no coincidence: more than 70% of trade fair visitors are prepared
  • Less effort, more effect
  • Authenticity instead of sensationalism
  • A bad trade fair takes three days, a successful one two years
  • The team at the stand: integrated instead of on the side 

  • • Quality and service: a matter of course!


Lead management

  • CRM: Value creation through knowledge - central is better than decentralized
  • Efficient lead management: Achieve goals in marketing and sales
  • Customer Relations: Are you still selling or are you already inspiring?
  • Product and price argumentation versus solutions
  • Connect trust, emotion, and efficiency
  • Change of perspective: make the customer a fan
  • Process optimization: Faster from lead to customer
  • The role of lead management in digital transformation

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