Without communication, no trade show or event would be a success. Prospective and existing customers need to be informed about and invited to your event. With this in mind, marketing communication becomes more and more important. We currently cover a wide range of communication methods which are constantly expanding.

Marketing consulting – campaign planning – implementation

Sales communication, web, graphics, text, direct marketing, media, trade shows and events. Separately, these are just words. Combined in the right way, they become a profitable strategy and investment.

The Most Appropriate Outfit

[CI/CD development]

Mainstream is out … External appearance determines success when meeting a customer for the first time. We don’t just look into your wardrobe, but individually develop what suits you best and makes you look good. 

Collecting Points

[CRM/lead management]

We get the ball rolling. It’s one thing to acquire new customers, it’s another thing to convert them into repeat customers. With the right strategy, this works like clockwork. 


[online, websites and social media]

There are numerous possibilities for designing websites and sharing information on the Internet. Every platform addresses a different target group. We put the appropriate ingredients together for you.

Paper Flood

[print product]

Do you want to drown in a sea of paper? We deliver meaningful rain rather than floods. All advertising material needs to be thought out and sustainable, reducing volume while increasing attention.

Special Gifts


Honestly, how many give-away pens did you receive? We are not content with run-of-the-mill, but will find the suitable solution for you: your give-aways should never become dust catchers.

Thirst for Knowledge

[public relations]

Do dull press releases bore you? We will take this task off your hands and create a media plan to include exciting press releases.