Normal people have normal ideas. For our customers, step one develops exceptional concepts that stand out. What do we need to do this? Space for new ideas and staff that look beyond the end of their own nose. To ensure this, we send our staff as often as possible to external events to become inspired.

Let’s Talk!


Coming from the north, we don’t talk much. But we understand a lot. We ask loads of questions with just one goal: every brand identity should become a meaningful investment instead of an imprudent expense.

Set Coordinates


Have you lost sight of your destination? We are driven by effective ideas rather than senseless thoughts. We create excitement and leave a positive impact in the long term. 

The Crown


Do you want to win an award? Our Design Team has got what it takes. However … we don’t work for prizes, but for your success. Unique, authentic and variably deployable. That’s how we understand design.

Change of Direction

[workshops, keynotes, exhibition briefings]

Cracking hard nuts is not that easy! Especially when different opinions come together. We help you to get rid of bad habits and break new ground.